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Frequently Asked Questions

A) Booking can be made in two easy steps:

A) Scanning is basically a process of taking pictures from different angles with a camera like device. Scanning is a vital process to create the 3D crafted Klone of a person.

3D scanning is performed with the help of state of the art technology and takes 5-10 minutes of time per person.

Click here to see process video on our YouTube channel

A) For single orders above Rs. 15000/- our prices are inclusive of scanning charges within city limits up to 30 km. Single orders belowRs.15000/- an amount of Rs.1200/- is chargeable extra as convenience fee beyond city limits up to 60 km. Maximum limit is Rs.3000/- if overnight travelling is required.

A) Dynasty team can also go to you convenient venue (within city limits up to 30 Km), for 3D scanning & imaging process which takes 5-10 minutes time per person.

A) You need to book your Klone 7 days prior to proposed event date. Booking your order well in advance helps us to accommodate the scanning and plan the travel accordingly.

On confirmed booking , our team will visit you for scanning at your convenience.

A) For Scanning 6 feet X 6 feet empty indoor space is required, as the scanner circles around keeping the person in centre, whose scanning is to be done.

To put the light setup a power plug point is also needed at the point of scan.

A) We have few products which can be created with simple passport type picture.

In few cases the present technology does not give the desired results to make Klones with pictures. In that case we suggest to go for scanning to get best results.

Scanning takes hardly 5-10 minutes of time. We also ensure that our person does not inform anything about the end product to the person who is being scanned, keeping the surprise element intact.

A) Yes, we do provide a digital preview ( in jpeg /video form) to the customer for approval before going ahead for final print.

Customer can suggest minor changes, if any and we try to match the features in best possible way, as far as the technology allows.

A) In this scenario we have following options:

  1. Bride Groom needs to be re-dressed in same manner (makeup not required) and after 3d imaging/scanning the Klones can be created.
  2. You may choose models from our library, only faces will match, body & attire of 'library models' will be used to create Klones.
  3. We have several other products with pre-made body, which can be created with simple passport photo, with face resemblance up to 80-90%.

A) Please click here to see our product section to know about price & available sizes.

Prices are inclusive of taxes and delivery charges.

A) Free delivery is provided on all serviceable pin codes of DTDC & Blue dart express courier, within 10-12 days post scanning & preview approval.

A) If it falls under our cancellation policy, user is entitled to cancel the order. Please click here see our cancellation policy.

A) We at ‘Dynasty ~Kloneworld’ assure delivery of quality products, with a track record of having satisfied customers from 22 countries.

In the event of quality issues, please refer to our Quality Issue section here.

A) Please check or refund policy here.

A) Once order is confirmed an online invoice/receipt will be sent to you. A formal road invoice will be added with the package for inter-state deliveries, as per Government laws.

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