These guys are on mission to replace your family portrait!

There won’t be much time when the Family portrait would no longer be a picture hung on the wall. Dynasty by Kloneworld is fast replacing the concept with its 3D printed Family Portraits.

Posted by Arpita Bhattacharya on December 05, 2016

Kloneworld a Singapore based company has brought in a beautiful concept of 3D printed Miniature figurines which are exact replicas of the people being scanned for the Klones. The company is focusing on creating lasting memories of Wedding by giving the bride and groom their 3D Miniatures in their wedding attire. The product is made of Gypsum like material with sandstone finish and has a great resemblance to its subject in terms of facial expressions, detailing and true match color of the attire.

What Makes Dynasty Kloneworld different than its competition?

Although the market is now popping up with cheaper alternatives which are ready to offer a 3D Clone (Not the genetic Clone) just by the picture but Kloneworld would like to stick to scanning Its Clients and give them the best ever 3D Klone . The company says although the technology to create 3D clones from Images exist but the dimensions with the real life figure is not easy to gauge upon and it often doesn’t come up as expected by the client.

The company is practically giving their services in all over India and you can book a scan and get a company’s representative visit and scan you at any location. The scanning is an easy 5 Minutes process.


At the moment3D selfies are fast making space in Indian Market and many of the newlyweds and about to be wed couples are booking for a scan with Kloneworld.

If you are interested in having a 3D Klone of yourself, Kloneworld can scan you anytime anywhere. Book a scan through Dynasty Kloneworld’s website and you will get

Your 3D Lookalike Klone, as glorious as you..