The Best Friend’s Wedding Gift

Intriguing & exciting wedding gift from a friend

Posted by Arpita Bhattacharya - December 05, 2016

It was this time of the year when the wedding bell rings in India for many people. After all we Indian’s celebrate the wedding season in the most astounding ways.

Neha wore the celebratory smile; happy and delighted as she was in her wedding preparations she was in no ways going to compromise on her wedding days best. She was being married to her long time beau Kapil in a dream like wedding ceremony amidst the iconic backdrop of Jaipur.

The preparations were tiring and took too much of time since everything was to be picked with great attention. The perfect Makeup Artist, The perfect couture, the perfect Hairstyle, the Best photographer, Right Ambience, Extraordinary Food and the List was endless.

Meanwhile Shruti who was Neha’s best Friend was facing the biggest challenge of her Life, What should be the best Wedding Gift for this Special Friend? She had almost dug herself for days on the Internet in the search for the right memorable gift for her best friend.

After 3 days of her tremendous search she came across Dynasty Kloneworld; the site suggested they offered Couple Figurines in 3D. Shruti instantly felt this was the right surprise for her friend. A 3D Lookalike Klone, reflecting the wedding Day Look was something Unique and trendsetting. She was sure Neha would love it and other friend would be envious.

She went through the process of getting the Klone done. The company sends their scan specialist to the wedding venue to take the scan of the Bride and Groom and that was just a 5 minutes Job. Now the question was will someone attend to scan the couple in Jaipur. Excited with the idea and afraid to hear a “no” Shruti called the Phone number and to her surprise she was told “Yes”; Dynasty Kloneworld is able to send people to most of India and that too without causing the cost go high.

The Day was finally here Neha looked like and angel who had decided to walk the earth and Kapil was looking handsome in his designer Sherwani. Shruti introduced them to a few people and said they would need just 5 minutes of their time to take a few pictures of the couple. Happily they obliged and in 5 minutes Neha and Kapil were back to their wedding ceremonies and celebrations.

14 Days after the event a Gift arrived at Neha’s new home. Intrigued she opened and was surprised to see herself on her wedding day miniature. She had 3D Klone of herself and there was another one for Kapil too. She remembered in her rush she had missed out to ask Shruti about what happened to those pictures the other guys took.

She was happy, excited and thankful to Shruti for such a wonderful wedding memorabilia she received and this was the best wedding gift that she could cherish forever.

[This story is a work of fiction]