How to preserve your special moments forever?

Preserve your special life events and precious memories forever with your glorious 3D Klones

Posted by Aditya Barelia on March 05, 2016

Most Precious Moments

Time flies, children grow, occasions come and go. Your child’s first birthday, school recital, graduation, weddings, anniversaries, grandchildren!

Memories are the chapters in our life's story. Throughout history, man has mixed art and technology to preserve memories. From singers and painters in the courts of Kings and Queens, to videographers holding big, blocky cameras with VHS tapes at weddings and functions, the ways of chronicling our most precious moments may change, but the desire to do so remains the same.

But are all memories created equal?
Surely not, for as they say, 'You never forget your first'. But then how do you preserve your memories in a way that feels special? Are videos and photos still the answer? More than 300 million photos and videos are uploaded on social media every day. Surely, your most precious moments deserve to be preserved in a much more special way.

How do we preserve our memories?

That is what drives us at Dynasty. We preserve memories through our unique blend of cutting edge technology and traditional artistry. Capturing you at your finest with our State of the Art 3D Scanners - A process so technologically advanced that it is a delightful memory in itself- We then create Stunning Glorious 3D Printed Klones and place them in beautiful dioramas handcrafted by Select Indian Artisans, preserving your memories like never before.