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Dynasty - For your life events and milestones

Time flies, children grow, occasions come and go. Your child’s first birthday, school recital, graduation, weddings, anniversaries, grandchildren!

Dynasty offers a unique new way of turning precious moments into memories you will cherish forever. We capture each and every exquisite little detail and turn them into beautiful Klones, sculptures with a sandstone finish, crafted to perfection through an amazing combination of Art, Craft and cutting edge Technology. Placed in beautiful dioramas handcrafted by select Indian artisans, Dynasty is the future of creating memories.

Ajay Sharma


We would like to thank @kw_dynasty for gifting our glamorous celebs #3dklone at CCL
Celebrity Cricket League @ccl
Perks of being the 100th customer!! Thank you soo much @KloneworldDynasty for my 3D wedding Klone™ with 30% discount! ;)
Neha Bhatt!
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